Dr. Laurie Klein always appreciates feedback from her valued patients.

To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 26 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Laurie Klein below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

5 stars

“Dr. Klein has been my chiropractor for 15+ years. She is very skilled and I have always benefitted from Laurie’s treatments. Whether it’s my back, hip, or neck, I always leave her office feeling a whole lot better! I often recommend her to others who suffer with similar body ailments.”

Brenda M.

“I am a new patient of Dr. Klein. She has helped my body in numerous ways. She has skillful and intuitive hands. My knees have improved and often I am pain-free. This is a BIG change from recent months. Thank you, Dr. Klein!”

April C.

“Dr Klein is the go-to for shoulder and back pain. Her treatments and exercise program vastly improved my shoulder pain and range of motion. Unlike some physicians and caregivers I have received treatment from, I truly believe Laurie cared for me and my shoulder problem.”

Henry M.

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“What can I say other than extraordinary care from Dr. Laurie Klein! I’ve been seeing her a little over than a month for what was by far, one of the most serious injury I’ve ever had which was a paralyzed right deltoid. I couldn’t lift my arm forward, to the side, and I certainly couldn’t even hold my arm up. It would collapse forward and I had absolutely no strength at all. My deltoid was completely numb and my scapula area was all bone. So here I am six weeks later, not only able to lift my arm up, but able to fully reach up high in the air doing shoulder presses with no problem. Dr. Klein is not your average chiropractor. She really takes her time accessing the situation and going through all these various stretches, and not even adjusting me until she worked with me at least 45 minutes or more. I’ve seen a lot of chiropractors in my life, in fact over 20! She is by far, the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. Her bedside manner is excellent and I never feel rushed. I leave her office feeling positive and confident. One thing that really stayed in my mind is she kept reminding me that “my body wants to heal” and it’s true so my mindset is positive with nothing but faith and I cannot thank her enough. Thank you Dr. Klein for your professionalism and excellence!”

Biatchi N.

“How have I never written a review for Dr. Klein and yet I’ve been a loyal patient for almost 4 years, I couldn’t function without this incredible healer. I have extreme hypermobility, scoliosis, and chronic migraines. Dr. Klein puts me back together and is the most thorough chiropractor ever! Using ART helps so much too with my muscle spasms and myofascial pain. Other chiros crack you in a few minutes and make you sit around for an hour. With Dr. Klein you are seen at your appointment time for the FULL time.”

Meredith Y.

“I first went to Dr Klein when I almost had to crawl up the stairs to her office. After one treatment I could walk up and down stairs slowly, one step at a time. After my second treatment I could walk up and down stairs normally. She is amazing.”

Sydney P.

“I hurt my back as a physical therapist at work when a patient couldn’t hold themselves up. I was on light duty for 6 weeks, did physical therapy, rest, ice, heat. Nothing worked. Laurie was the first chiropractor I went to. She fixed my back in three visits, no more pain. Thank you, Laurie, for getting me back on my feet!”

Christine F.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Klein for almost 8 years. Laurie has developed a series of exercises for me which has allowed me to recover from a very serious fall and health issues. I have a physically demanding profession and feel strongly that without her help I wouldn’t have been able to continue. She works with you every minute of every session (and beyond) to insure that you receive the highest possible level of care.”

Bill T.