Worth Checking out – X-Core Studio

How has X-CORE changed you?

I had no idea I’d love X-CORE so much or that it would be so challenging. I’ve been working out all my life and this has been the most effective core workout I’ve ever done; the high intensity transformed my body almost immediately. I keep coming back because I love the instructors, the music, the intensity, the schedule and I trust X-CORE to hire solid instructors. It’s a personal challenge every time and assists me in my other passions; yoga and mountain biking.

How did you stumble upon X-CORE?

A personal trainer at my local gym suggested I try X-CORE. I wanted to rehab a knee injury and like to train early morning so this worked out perfectly for me.

Where are you from originally ?

How long have you lived in Oakland? I’m from LA but don’t tell anyone. I have lived and worked in Oakland for almost 30 years.

What is your favorite restaurant in Oakland ?


What do you like to do for fun ?

I love yoga, mountain biking, gardening, cooking for my girlfriend, dancing, studying neurology (I’m a chiropractor and a geek), reading articles on health & nutrition, spending time with my nieces, watching women’s basketball and athletics and traveling.

Any fun facts about you ?

I’m a Burning Man Vet! 13 years on the Playa. I took a 17-month sabbatical and lived in Asia and Europe in 2015. I’m always studying yoga and yoga therapy (like last night I read several articles about yoga before going to bed).

What is your day job ?

I’m a chiropractor (https://www.lauriekleindivinealign.com/) just up the street from X-CORE. I specialize in restoring functional movement, reducing chronic pain, injury management, sports injury, women’s health and repetitive stresses.

Favorite quote ?

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

– Rumi

As a professional in the chiropractic industry – what are the benefits of the method?

A strong core promotes a strong spine. A strong spine leads to better posture and better posture leads to better breathing. Breathing is everything. I teach this with my yoga therapy patients. X-CORE covers all points as you are doing deep breathing while in these poses that strengthen your core. Chiropractic care is important for the body and mind. This coupled with fitness (such as X-CORE, Pilates and yoga) and focus delivers endless benefits. It keeps the body balanced, vital and improves the body’s neurology. Chiropractic care is our systems reboot. It supports every organ, every cell, every tissue in the body. It supports our structural function, allows for equilibrium and potentiates our health.

Who/what inspires you ?

Community inspires me. Being part of different communities (Burning man, dance, professional, exercise, friends) motivate and support me to express myself in everything I do. The collective of individuals make me feel loved and provide a mirror. That goes for my significant other as well.

What X-CORE move do you love? Which don’t you love ?

I love piking, mermaids and the challenge of all the lunging balance moves. I hate the bungee!


I am committed to sharing joy, self-inquiry, the process of change, and turning challenges into opportunities.