Resolution; res-o-lu-tion 1. a firm decision to do or not to do something. 2. the quality of being determined or resolute
Theme; THeem’ 1. an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature
I like to think of myself, my body, my person, my psyche as an ever evolving work of art.
A masterpiece in progress. And so it is that my new year begins with assigning myself a theme rather than a resolution. I begin thinking about what I want to live into around Thanksgiving and refine my search pointing towards a theme for a couple of months before I ‘name it’ and call it in!
A theme feels a little softer around the edges. Some people might say a resolution is ‘type A’ behavior, a fierce determination to DO something, change something, a goal setting orientation. Rather a theme intention for the year is more of a ‘type B+’ behavior and can be used to navigate our lives in a softer, gentler way, but still get the job done.
What JOB you ask? The goal to evolve. whatever that might be. A theme might be something that supports your resolution if you’re a Type A, and need to set goals to achieve your story of success, or simply the goal to be a better YOU!!
“Life is a journey, not a destination’
Ralph Waldo Emmerson
A goal is not about an outcome necessarily, rather its about your ability to take consistent action towards that outcome. And so the journey begins. Each year a new. Each day a new.
In the past I’ve used themes such as, Trust, Gratitude, Being Present, Vitality. These mindsets have helped me make good choices, given me new and better perspectives on life and led me down the path to achieve all sorts of goals that were on my check list.
For example, reminding myself to ‘Be Present’ one year, all year long, led me to understand the importance of Intention and Attention. The precious moments of ‘Being Present’ with another person became a mindful act and now the quality of my interactions with others has improved in many different and intimate ways. A year of Gratitude led me to have more consistent joy in my life even when I could hardly summon up that feeling when life wasn’t all that joyful! The attitude of Gratitude has also helped me towards a more altruistic way of life and has helped me to ‘Pause” and take in and appreciate the mundane and little things and moments in life that might have otherwise escaped me.
My theme for 2019 is “WELCOME’. Welcome it all. All the challenges, all the emotions, all the good times and bad. Welcome and reflect. Every moment counts and I want to be available for it all. This year I want to thrive and ride the waves of life, whatever and however that might be.