Class Pass

Recently I started using ‘CLASS PASS’ to expand my workout horizons. I’ve been a member at SF Fitness, former Golds Gym, on Lake Merrit for over 20 years and love having a gym near by, however, I started using it less for various reasons and began to explore other ways to get my endorphin rush. I’m one to be outdoors taking advantage of the beautiful regional parks and green spaces in our local bay area whenever possible, Mountain biking is my passion, but due to this year of endless rain, (we’ve had more rain this year than Seattle!!), I decided to see what else was available, indoors and then I discovered Class Pass.

If you haven’t heard of Class Pass, its an app that you can use to find classes all around the bay area, (and other cities if they have it), at almost anytime of the day and or evenings. It really works if you’re a person who works away from home and wants to work out pre or post work hours to avoid traffic, or like me, my partner lives across the bay in San Rafael so I’m not close to my old gym as much anymore and I NEED options in Marin, or in SF if I want. Generally I like to work out by myself, but I’m definitely getting a better workout when I’m pushed in a class and now that my active friends are using the app I can simply invite them and VOILA, I have a yoga or some kind of work out date, which has been great fun for me.

You can usually try Class Pass for two weeks for free. Click here to get your two weeks free; They give you X amount of points to use and each class/studio decides on the amount they want ‘charge’ via points and then you can try a class. There are so many different classes from boxing to yoga, bootcamps to cycling/spin classes, barre and weight training… Try it for two weeks when you’re in town and see if this sort of thing will work for you.
I’ve tried at least 20 new fitness workout classes including new yoga studios (new to me), HIIT, (high intensity interval training), dance, pilates core, indoor cycling, and bootcamps.
I have my favorites which I’ll mention here now, but honestly, there is something for everyone beginners and work-out vets alike.
My Favs; X-Core , Namaste Yoga , Ride, (indoor cycling) & Cyclebar, and Some Like it Hot in Novato. (just to name a few!!)