Improve Your Posture & Generate Joy

specific poses and alignment
One secret to increasing your joy is to realize that happiness is not some external quality that can be acquired. Instead, happiness is something that is already inside of you, but which may be hidden from view at times. Yoga can help you uncover that joy inside of you. How?…

Class Pass

Recently I started using ‘CLASS PASS’ to expand my workout horizons. I’ve been a member at SF Fitness, former Golds Gym, on Lake Merrit for over 20 years and love having a gym near by, however, I started using it less for various reasons and began to explore other ways…

Worth Checking out – X-Core Studio

How has X-CORE changed you? I had no idea I’d love X-CORE so much or that it would be so challenging. I’ve been working out all my life and this has been the most effective core workout I’ve ever done; the high intensity transformed my body almost immediately. I keep…


Resolution; res-o-lu-tion 1. a firm decision to do or not to do something. 2. the quality of being determined or resolute Theme; THeem’ 1. an idea that recurs in or pervades a work of art or literature I like to think of myself, my body, my person, my psyche as…

Stretching = A Quality Life

Yoga Stretch

Flexibility affects everything we do – from getting out of bed, to cleaning the house, our physical performance, how we feel both physically and emotionally, even our breathing. Unfortunately old age, prior injuries, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a lack of flexibility.

Calcium Intake


Americans LOVE dairy products! We are indoctrinated to believe that drinking cows milk is a healthy choice to build our bones from the beginning of life on. But are dairy products the best choice?

Sleep for Your Good Health

Woman Sleeping

My interest in sleep solutions for friends, family and patients who suffer from sleep depravation chronically or intermittently is big for me as a Chiropractor. It is well known that sleep heals. Our bodies need rest when we’re injured, or fighting a virus or bacterial infection.

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

private yoga sessions

Every week I see a number of patients suffering from some kind of chronic pain syndrome. If you suffer from chronic or chronic intermittent pain — the kind of pain that haunts you off and on — learn how yoga can help.