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Realign your body and mind.
Restore and Heal.
Thrive and Be Well.

Your body is connected from head to toe: emotional, structural and nutritional. All input matters.

Each bodywork treatment session includes full body assessment, chiropractic adjustments, specific massage therapies, and therapeutic yoga exercise for support and maintenance.

Together we work with your health history and specific needs to rebalance your entire body.


We focus on correcting acute and chronic structural imbalances by identifying the many direct and indirect stressors that cause disease and dysfunction in the first place. We focus on identifying the origin pain, not just symptom relief.

By identifying negative input patterns in the body, and attending to your overall health through this diverse approach to care, your body will feel and function better, stay in alignment longer and heal quickly.



Dr. Klein can bill insurance.

She also accepts cash,

credit, check, or HSA.



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